Portion Distortion

Author: Mary Donkersloot, RDN

My patients tell me that if only they could “eat less,” they would have the key to permanent weight loss. So why is this seemingly simple concept so hard to put into practice?

We have lost perspective of what a reasonable serving of food is. 

We have come to think of these portions as normal, but compared to the government’s official serving sizes as used in food labeling, they are double or triple these recommended serving sizes.  

Larger portions have resulted in expanding waistlines. We need a game plan, to control what goes on the plate.  Only then do we have a better chance of ensuring we are setting ourselves up for “just right eating” and not eating too much.


  • Think of half the portion as the new whole portion.
  • Plan to share your portion with a friend, or wrap up the other half and take it home for another meal.  If you eat the whole thing, you’re likely to go over your calorie need. 

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Mary Donkersloot, RDN:

A recognized authority on nutrition and consultant for individuals dealing with weight management issues by helping them with portion control, and guidance on quick and healthy eating at home and on the go.