How to prep and cook healthfully

Author: Sylvia Klinger, MS, RD, LDN

As a registered dietitian and mom, I know how important it is to make healthful nutrition a part of everyday life.

Experiment – Don’t be afraid to experiment with new recipes or try to make the recipe more nutritious by cutting some of the fat, lowering the salt, adding less sugar or by adding more fiber.  Below are simple tips that will save you many calories.

Before preparing food:

  • Cut any visible fat from the meat and discard.
  • Do not add extra oil or lard.
  • Take the skin off the chicken and discard.
  • Limit or leave the salt out.  Use spices such as cumin, Italian seasoning, chili powder, adobo, etc. to add flavor without adding sodium. Options at ALDI: Stonemill Essentials Italian Seasoning, Chili Powder and Ground Cumin.

After food is prepared:

  • Cool the broth, spoon the top layer of fat and discard.
  • Do not salt – season your foods with ingredients such as onion, garlic, chili peppers, and fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley or rosemary.  These seasonings add a lot of flavor but have no salt or fat. Options at ALDI:        Stonemill Essentials Garlic Powder, Parsley Flakes and Basil Leaves.

Make easy, foolproof substitutions to a favorite recipe.  For example:  If the recipe calls for milk, use skim milk. If it asks for whole eggs, use egg whites (1 egg = 2 egg whites).  These simple substitutions will go unnoticed.  See below for more substitutions.

Try the recipe with a few friends and relatives to get immediate feedback.  This is a great way to start experimenting.  Call up your friends and family for lunch or Sunday brunch. Remember that practice leads to perfection.  Who doesn’t want a free meal!

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