About ALDI

ALDI is one of America’s fastest growing retailers, serving millions of customers across the country each month. With nearly 2,000 stores across 36 states, ALDI is on track to become the third-largest grocery retailer by store count by the end of 2022.
ALDI has set the industry standard for quality and affordability. Our priority focus is saving people money on the food and products they want most, and we do this by offering shoppers a curated selection of ALDI-exclusive brands. More than 90% of our store consists of ALDI-exclusive products and 1 in 3 ALDI-exclusive products is award-winning.*

*As of 1/29/2020, based on an audit of everyday, nationally distributed ALDI-exclusive branded products

We are always evolving our product mix, which is more than 90% private label. Since 2018, we increased the overall ALDI product selection by 20%, including a 40% increase in fresh food offerings. The carefully selected, award-winning product mix at ALDI includes organic meats, fresh produce, gourmet cheeses, sustainable seafood, gluten-free products, specialty wine, on-trend items and so much more, all at unbeatable prices.
ALDI customers also love our weekly rotating selection of ALDI Finds. Each week nearly 100 unique ALDI Finds are offered for a limited time, and they range from premium food and household items based on the season.

Shoppers will find that more than 90 percent of the products in our stores are ALDI exclusive brands. ALDI exclusive brands allow us to provide the same high-quality product without passing on all of the hidden costs associated with the national brands, such as marketing and advertising. Recently, we have added a limited selection of national brands in addition to our ALDI exclusive brands. We made this decision in response to feedback from our customers, who have strong brand preferences, yet would like to complete more of their grocery shopping at ALDI. We also may carry a national brand if we are not able to procure an exclusive brand product that meets or exceeds the quality and taste of the national brand.

Shoppers are savvier about private labels now. We’ve helped people understand that brand name does not define quality. In fact, we are proud to say that 1-in-3 ALDI-exclusive product is award winning*. We guarantee quality on all our private-label products with our Twice as Nice Guarantee. If you don’t like an ALDI-exclusive product, bring it back. We’ll return your money and replace the product. View our return policy for more information.

*As of 1/29/2020, based on an audit of everyday, nationally distributed ALDI-exclusive branded products.

At our core, we are different by design. We are private-label trailblazers, and our company is built on these basic principles: simplicity matters, we sell the best food at low prices, and everything we do is purposefully designed to save people money. When it comes to value, ALDI low prices are hard to beat. For nine years running, ALDI has held the esteemed title of Value Leader among U.S. grocery stores by Market Force Information*, and ALDI has been No. 1 for price according to the dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index Report for three years running.

*According to annual surveys of U.S. consumers conducted from 2011 to 2018 by Market Force Information®

Customers can find the majority of their average weekly shopping list at ALDI, including fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and bakery items. Visit our Products section to learn more.

You do not need a membership to shop at ALDI. Our fresh foods and high quality products are available to everyone at the same low prices.

Because ALDI focuses on providing high quality food and everyday low prices to all of our customers, we do not offer rewards or rewards cards. However, you can browse our Weekly Specials to save even more money during your next shopping trip at ALDI.

This 25 cent deposit ultimately saves our customers money because we don’t have to hire extra staff to collect grocery carts. To unlock a cart, customers have to insert a quarter, and this deposit ensures shoppers return their cart to the corral to get their quarter back.

Customers do not need to bring their own bags to shop at ALDI. However, we ask people to bring their own reusable grocery bags or buy a few of ours at checkout. This saves money by avoiding the cost of the bag and it cuts down on waste to help the environment.

At ALDI, we believe in bringing our customers the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices through a number of operational savings. Given our simple approach to retailing, one of the ways we help our customers save money is by encouraging them to bring their own shopping bags or to purchase a reusable, long-lasting ALDI bag. The end result is that we not only save our customers money – by avoiding adding the cost of the bag to our prices – but also precious resources.

ALDI is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of kids in communities where ALDI has a presence. Schools and community organizations can apply for funding or ALDI gift cards by visiting our ALDI Smart Kids hub.

Bulk orders may be arranged in advance by visiting your local ALDI and speaking to the store manager. They will assist you with your order, as well as arrange for pick up and payment. Please note, items may have different limits to qualify as bulk orders and may differ from store to store. Additionally, some items may have quantity limit restrictions. Check with your local store for more information.

ALDI is not a wholesaler. All products we sell are intended for our customers' personal use and are not to be resold. However, we do accept valid resale certificates from customers who indicate an intent to resell ALDI products. Please be aware that we do not permit any of our resellers to use ALDI marketing materials or branding for a non-ALDI owned establishment.