About Instacart FAQs

About Instacart

Q. What is Instacart?

A. Instacart is a service that delivers groceries from ALDI same day!

Q. Who will shop for and deliver the Instacart order?

A. Instacart Personal Shoppers will deliver the order to the customer's home/business.

Q. Why is ALDI using Instacart?

A. To offer our customers an online, same-day delivery option and to provide our customers more ways to shop at Aldi across all channels, thereby improving our customer experience.

Q. Which stores are included?

A. ALDI expanded the partnership and rolled out nationwide. To see whether your area is included, go to shop.aldi.us and enter your delivery zip code.

Q. How fast does Instacart deliver?

A. At checkout, customers can select a delivery time. Instacart can deliver in as little as one hour. A customer can also schedule for a later date up to seven days in advance.

Q. What are the Instacart delivery hours?

A. Instacart delivers beginning an hour after a retailer opens until an hour after close. Specific to ALDI, Instacart's shopping hours are restricted to ALDI store open hours. On holidays, Instacart's delivery hours are subject to our special store holiday hours.

Q. What is the process to place an ALDI online order?

A. Customers will visit shop.aldi.us and enter their delivery zip code. They will then either log in with their email address and password or create an account if they are a first time Instacart user.

Q. What Aldi assortment will be available on the Instacart site?

A. All ALDI products that are available in-store are available on Instacart with the exception of few categories such as ALDI Finds, Alcohol and Gift Cards.

Q. Will the prices for Instacart deliver be the same as in-store?

A. Item prices may vary from in-store prices in your area. Prices may be higher than in-store prices to cover the cost of personal shopping.

Q. What steps can the Instacart Personal Shopper take when an item is out of stock in the store?

A. The Personal Shopper will contact the customer if an item is out-of-stock suggesting a replacement based on similar items available in-store. The customer can also cancel this item.

Q. Can customers make a change to their Instacart order?

A. If the Instacart Personal Shopper has NOT started fulfilling the order, customers can add to or modify the order. Customers can find these options on the Order Status page.

Q. What happens if customers are not at home for their Instacart delivery?

A. Customers receive a text message when the Personal Shopper is on the way, alerting as to the estimated time of arrival. If the customer is not there to receive the delivery, the Instacart Personal Shopper will try to contact the customer. Instacart Personal Shoppers will wait for the customer, reschedule the delivery, or cancel the order if no other solution is attainable.

Q. How are customer service issues resolved by Instacart?

A. Please contact Instacart's customer happiness center at help@instacart.com or 1(888)246-7822.

Q. What if customers want to cancel their Instacart order?

A. Customers can cancel their Instacart order for a full refund up until the Instacart Personal Shopper has started shopping for the order.

Q. When will customers receive their refund for a cancelled Instacart order? Alcohol sales are final

A. Refunds may take up to seven business days to process. In some cases, the customer's bank may adjust the original charge amount instead of displaying a separate refund.

Q. How do customers return products that they ordered through Instacart?

A. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with any product, ALDI offers Twice as Nice where we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money. To receive Twice as Nice, the product packaging and any unused product should be returned to your local ALDI Store Manager along with your digital or printed email receipt.

Q. How does tipping work and who receives the tips?

A. Tipping is optional. Tips are paid directly to the Instacart driver and/or shopper. ALDI associates do not receive the tips.

Q. How old does the shopper need to be in order to be able to deliver Alcohol?

A. If the order includes alcohol the personal shopper would be 21 years of age to shop and deliver the order.

Q. How can I cancel my membership?

A. You can cancel your Instacart Express membership at any time in Your Account Settings under the Express section. For additional questions please reach out to Instacart at help@instacart.com or 1(888)246-7822.

Curbside FAQs

Q. What is ALDI Curbside?

A. ALDI Curbside allows customers to order groceries online and pickup at a designated store location.

Q. Are all ALDI stores getting Curbside?

A. ALDI Curbside is currently only present at a handful of pilot locations.

Q. What Aldi product assortment will be available to customers on the Instacart site?

A. The assortment on Instacart will be similar to what is available in- store, with the exception of a few categories such as ALDI Finds, Alcohol and Gift Cards.

Q. Will the prices for ALDI Curbside be the same as in-store?

A. ALDI Curbside prices will be everyday store prices.

Q. Are there any additional fees associated with the Curbside program?

A. A pick-up fee of $4.99 for orders over $35 will be applied to each order, to offset the costs of Curbside shopping.

Q. How will customers place an order?

A. Customers will visit shop.aldi.us and enter their pick-up zip code. They will then either log in with their email address and password or create an account if they are a first time Instacart user.

Q. Do I have to bring a bag when I pick up my order?

A. ALDI shopping bags will be used to bag customer Curbside orders. Similar to an in-store transaction, customers will be charged a small fee for bags used.

Q. Should I tip ALDI Curbside Shoppers?

A. We encourage you to put that money toward your next ALDI order as our team does not accept tips.