Check out our customers' Switch & Save® stories below:

Jill O.

“I just recently switched to ALDI from a ‘premium’ grocery store...and the savings blow me away! Shoot, wish I had some pom-poms, because I am so totally team ALDI!”

Cristy Y.
“I'm so glad I switched to ALDI! Cut my grocery bill in half!! Love it!”

Steven A.
“ALDI is a great place to shop! Every time I walk out of that store I smile because of what I've purchased and all the money I saved! Keep up the great work ALDI!”

Stephanie F.
“My husband and I, geeks that we are, totaled up our ALDI receipts for the past 6 months. On average we saved 45% on comparable store brand items of another grocery store – and without once cutting a coupon. Thank you, ALDI! You were a part of us becoming debt free.”

Melanie A.
“I will probably never grocery shop anywhere else! As a family of 3, on a very strict budget I usually scour the sale papers and coupons looking to save. I usually make two or three different stops on my grocery trips and do my shopping every two weeks. We budget $200 a month for groceries and I usually come in right under that amount. Today, I got everything on my list, plus about 20 extra items not on the list and my total was only $86! I cannot believe how much I saved! ALDI is now my immediate go to grocery store!”

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national competitors. Switch & Save® is a registered trademark of ALDI.