ALDI Twice As Nice LogoIt’s all in the name!  Carne Picada (Spanish for Finely Sliced Beef) is a staple in flavorful authentic Mexican dishes. Quick, effortless and versatile, our Carne Picada is perfect for filling burritos or tacos or turns any ordinary stew, chili, and curry into a hearty home cooked meal.

  • Fresh, never frozen
  • Hand selected and trimmed
  • Excellent source of vitamin B12, protein and zinc
  • Good source of iron, niacin and vitamin B6
  • Product Code: 53816

When you shop at ALDI, you’ll find that our fresh steaks and roasts are all packed in vacuum-sealed leakproof packaging. This guarantees that your meat will stay fresher, longer. The deep purple color means there’s no air in the package and is an indicator of freshness. Once the package is opened, the meat will turn bright red you’ve come to expect in high quality beef.

*Not available in California

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