Bento Box Lunch

"Bento Box" Lunch


  1. For the Sandwich Roll:  Trim crusts from bread.  Using a rolling pin, roll out slices to a 1/8-inch thickness. Top with turkey, mustard, avocado and cucumber.
  2. Roll into a cylinder.  Wrap with plastic wrap and cut in half.
  3. For the Quinoa Salad:  In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients, season to taste with salt and pepper.
  4. For the Broccoli Salad: In a medium bowl, combine all  ingredients.  Season to taste with pepper.
  5. For the Cinnamon Apples:  Toss apples with lemon juice and cinnamon.  Place in a plastic baggie and wrap tightly.
  6. Serve all components together for a healthy lunch.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Alyssa, ALDI Test Kitchen