This Week's ALDI Finds

02/19/20 - 02/25/20

Italy Is Just An Aisle Away

Crofton Decorated Glass Baking Dishes
AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*
Crofton 12-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot
AmounteachCurrent Price$29.99*
Crofton 12" Stainless Steel Saute Pan with Lid
AmounteachCurrent Price$24.99*
Crofton Stainless Steel Splatter Screen Set or Steamer Insert
AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*
Crofton Oil and Vinegar Bottle or Sprayer Set
AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*
Crofton Spatula Tongs Set or Cutting Board Scissors
AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*
Crofton Standing or Jumbo Spoon Rest
AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*
Huntington Home 18" x 30" Comfort Cushion Kitchen Mat
AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*
Priano Breaded Veal Patties
AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99* Quantity 27 oz.
Appleton Farms Diced Prosciutto or Diced Pancetta
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 4 oz.
Crodo Italian Soda 4 pk Lemon or Orange
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 44.8 oz.
PurAqua Italian Sparkling Mineral Water
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.49* Quantity 101.4 oz.
Specially Selected Balsamic Vinegar & Rosemary or Pancetta & Parmesan Kettle Chips
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.89* Quantity 7 oz.
Priano Gnocchi
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.79* Quantity 17.6 oz.
Priano Ravioli
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.79* Quantity 8.8 oz.
Priano Tortellini
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.49* Quantity 8 oz.
Specially Selected Assorted Flavored Noodles
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49* Quantity 16 oz.
Priano Assorted Long Bronze Cut Pasta
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.19* Quantity 16 oz.
Priano Gourmet Italian Egg Pasta
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.99* Quantity 17.64 oz.
Specially Selected Crinkle Cut or Traditional Cut Ribbon Noodles
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49* Quantity 17.64 oz.
Specially Selected Gourmet Tortellini with Sauce
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 6.5 oz.
Priano Manicotti or Stuffed Shells
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 16–20 oz.
Priano Eggplant Parmigiana or Vegetable Lasagna
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.39* Quantity 10 oz.
Priano Italian Sausage or Chicken Parmesan Ravioli
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99* Quantity 16 oz.
Sartori Shredded Parmesan & Asiago Bags
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99* Quantity 8 oz.
Specially Selected Pesto Sauces
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.89* Quantity 6 oz.
Priano Spinach & Mushroom or Goat Cheese & Tomato Ravioli
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.79* Quantity 9 oz.
Sundae Shoppe Gelato Mixed Assortment
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99* Quantity 28.5 oz.
Specially Selected Flatbread Pizza 
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.49* Quantity 14.29–15.73 oz.
Cook House Italian Simmer Sauce
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 15.5–16 oz.