At ALDI, we care about health and hunger-related issues in our communities. This week, we’re donating to childhood cancer research when you buy items with the Alex’s Lemonade Stand logo. $0.25 cents from the purchase of lemon-themed items with the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation logo will be donated directly to the organization, up to a total of $1 million.


Pouring love back into our communities

ALDI Collapsible Box Bag
AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*
Joie Lemon Bag Clips, Ties or Sink Strainer
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.69*
Boulder Lemon Tableware Assortment
AmounteachCurrent Price89¢* Quantity 8–18 ct.
Mixade Lemonade Mix
AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99* Quantity 72.5 oz.
Crofton Lemon or Olive Casserole Dish
AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*
Crofton Soap Dispenser or Sponge Holder
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*
Nature's Nectar Cucumber Watermelon Lemonade or Mango Lemonade
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.89* Quantity 64 oz.
Elevation Pure & Simple Bars Lemon and Lemon Raspberry
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99* Quantity 8 oz.
Benton's Lemon or Key Lime Cookie Thins
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.39* Quantity 4 oz
Nature's Nectar Backyard Lemonades Strawberry Rhubarb
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.29* Quantity 64 oz.
Moser Roth Lemon Chocolate Truffles
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 5.29 oz.
Bake Shop Mini Lemon Cake Bites
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.89* Quantity 12 oz.
Nonni's Biscotti Limone or Salted Caramel
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.95* Quantity 6.72–6.88 oz
Clancy's Lemon Drizzled Kettle Corn
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.99* Quantity 5 oz.
Simply Nature Lemonade or Blackberry Lemonade Apple Sauce Pouches
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.49* Quantity 12.8 oz
Sundae Shoppe Alex's Lemonade Stand Bars
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49* Quantity 10 oz.
Emporium Selection Lemon Wensleydale Cheese Assortment
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99* Quantity 5.29 oz.
Emporium Selection English Lemon Stilton
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.49* Quantity 5.3 oz



This Week's ALDI Finds

07/01/20 - 07/07/20


Bake Shop Angel Food Cake
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.29* Quantity 14 oz.
Frostie Root Beer or Blue Cream 4-Pack Soda
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.98* Quantity 48 fl. oz.
General Mills Bugles Multipack
AmounteachCurrent Price$4.98* Quantity 8.75 oz.
Hostess Hostess Coffee Cups
AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99* Quantity 12 ea.
Little Debbie Zebra Cakes
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.86* Quantity 13 oz.
Meiji Hello Panda
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 6 oz.
Planters Cheez Balls
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.98* Quantity 2.75 oz.
Specially Selected Balsamic Vinegar & Rosemary or Pancetta & Parmesan Kettle Chips
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.89* Quantity 7 oz.
Tuttorosso Tuscan Herb Petite Diced Tomatoes
AmounteachCurrent Price99¢* Quantity 14.5 oz.
Benton's Sugar Cones
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.29* Quantity 5 oz.
Briannas Rich Poppy Seed or Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 12 oz.
Burman's Wet Marinade Assorted varieties
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.69* Quantity 12.25 oz.
Clancy's Pub Style Seasoned Pretzels
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.69* Quantity 12 oz.
Nature's Nectar Backyard Lemonades Meyer Lemon
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.29* Quantity 64 fl oz
DRY Soda Sparkling Soda Pineapple or Watermelon
AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99* Quantity 750 mL
Gatorade Juiced Assorted varieties
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99* Quantity Six 12-oz. bottles
Hostess Twinkies
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.89* Quantity 13.58 oz.
Ritz Crisp & Thins Assorted varieties
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.89* Quantity 7.1 oz.
Serious Bean Co. Assorted Varieties
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.45* Quantity 15.5–16 oz.
Stonemill 4-in-1 BBQ Seasonings Assorted varieties
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99* Quantity 5.05–6.54 oz.
Stonemill Seasoning Packet Assorted varieties
AmounteachCurrent Price79¢* Quantity 1 oz.
Old Orchard 100% Apple Juice
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.99* Quantity 64 fl. oz.
Old Orchard 100% Grape Juice
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.45* Quantity 64 fl oz
Old Orchard 100% Organic Apple Juice
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.29* Quantity 64 fl oz
Old Orchard Cranberry Apple 100% Juice
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.39* Quantity 64 fl oz
Sweet Harvest Pear Halves in Heavy Syrup
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.09* Quantity 15.25 oz