Upcoming ALDI Finds

8/21/19 - 8/27/19


Village Bakery Apple Pie
AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99* Quantity 39 oz.
Betty Crocker Chilled Treats 
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.89* Quantity 8.9 oz.
In The Mix S'mores Cookie Kit
AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99* Quantity 16 oz.
Clancy's Party Size Wavy Potato Chips
Amountsee price in store* Quantity 15.25 oz.
Clancy's White Cheddar or Buttery Popcorn
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.69* Quantity 8 oz.
Clancy's Big Dippers or Chili Cheese Corn Chips
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.29* Quantity 9.25 oz.
Clancy's Butter Twists Tub
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.69* Quantity 22 oz.
Specially Selected Classic or Strawberry Balsamic Glaze
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.29* Quantity 8.5 fl. oz.
Village Bakery Mango or Raspberry Linzer Cookies
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 10 oz.
Cook House Moonshine Sauce
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.99* Quantity 13 oz.
Great Gherkins Garden Pickles Spears or Chips
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.69* Quantity 25 fl. oz.
Great Gherkins Whole Pickles
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.79* Quantity 80 fl. oz.
Specially Selected Spirit Infused Salsa
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.29* Quantity 16 oz.
Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzels
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.69* Quantity 6.3 oz.
Nabisco Nutter Butter
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.49* Quantity 16 oz.
Nabisco Toasted Chips
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49* Quantity 8.1 oz.
Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing and Dip
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.79* Quantity 36 oz.
Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99* Quantity 16 fl. oz.
General Mills Bold or Honey Nut Chex Mix
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49* Quantity 8.75 oz.
Snyder's of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing or Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Pieces
AmounteachCurrent Price$1.79* Quantity 8 oz.
Gold Peak Sweetened or Unsweetened Tea
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.18* Quantity 64 fl. oz.
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 24 ct Back To School Portion Packs
AmounteachCurrent Price$7.45* Quantity 18 oz.
Inglehoffer Assorted Mustards
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.39* Quantity 9-10.25 oz.
Kraft Squeeze Olive Oil Mayonnaise
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.95* Quantity 22 fl. oz.
Rethink Juice Splash Boxes
AmounteachCurrent Price$3.29* Quantity 54 oz.
Welch's Sparkling Summer Cocktails White Peach Sangria or Moscato
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49* Quantity 25.4 fl. oz.
Nature's Nectar Summer Lemonade
AmounteachCurrent Price$2.89* Quantity 33.8 fl. oz.
Gatorade G Zero 20-oz. 8-Pack
Amountper packCurrent Price$4.98* Quantity 160 fl. oz.
La Croix Variety 24-Pack
Amountper packCurrent Price$7.49* Quantity 288 fl. oz.