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Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, family gathering or simply cleaning your home, our Household Essentials will prepare you for anything. From paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, delicate hand soaps, fragrant candles and more. Make taking the trash out a simpler, cleaner task with heavy duty garbage bags. Put away leftovers with no risk of spilling with our wide selection of reclosable plastic bags. Take the elbow grease out of cleaning dishes thanks to Radiance dish detergent and heavy-duty sponges. Eliminate the scent of last night’s dinner with air fresheners and candles of all kinds. And knock out laundry and the dirt from your clothes with powerful and fresh smelling laundry detergent. ALDI carries a selection of affordably priced and high-quality household essentials to make your house feel more like home. Shop Willow bath tissue, Boulder paper towels, Huntington Home candles, Radiance cleaning products, Tandil laundry detergent and more. We’ve got the perfect product for every room in the house, kitchen, laundry room, living, room and office. Shopping for Household Essentials is more exciting when you shop at ALDI.

Household Essentials FAQs

Using the dishwasher tends to save time and water. Washing dishes in the dishwasher can provide cleaner dishes than washing by hand.                                                                                                            

To burn candles evenly, you should make sure the candle is placed on a level surface, use long matches or a lighter, avoid drafts, trim the wick regularly and limit burn time to 4 hours. It also helps to use multi-wick candles as those tend to burn more evenly than single-wick candles

The length of time candles burn for will depend on the size and the type of candle. Typically, the larger the candle, the larger the burn time. It’s recommended that you should not burn a candle longer than 4 hours at a time and allow it to cool for a minimum of two hours before relighting. Shop Huntington Home candles to freshen up any room.


To fix a broken candle wick, start by cleaning the area around it with a damp cloth to remove any debris. You’ll need a few tools to remove and replace the wick. Gather an apple core tool, heat gun, clothes pin, new wick and a wick sticker. You’ll use the apple core device to fully remove the broken candle wick. Once you have removed the wick, clean out any debris from the center of the candle before you place the new wick with the wick sticker in place, insuring it is secured to the bottom. Use your heat gun to melt the wax to fill in the hole. As the wax cools, clip the clothespin to the wick to prevent it from being buried. Once it has fully cooled, you can remove the clothespin and trim the wick.

How long an air freshener lasts will depend on the type, odor intensity and size of the room that you are using it in. Usually, you can look at product packaging to see how long the specific product will last.

You cannot wash and reuse paper plates and cups because they are too porous and will be destroyed by the water. However, you can resuse plastic plates and cups after you wash with hot water and soap to sanitize. Shop our affordable selection of Boulder plastic cups and cutlery.

For small to average-sized loads one to two dryer sheets should be sufficient.