Dog Food & Treats

Looking for dog food or treats that are great for your pet pal and your wallet? Discover our popular pet brands: Heart to Tail and Pure Being. At ALDI, we know your dog wants those delicious bacon flavored, crunchy treats during their walks as much as they crave tasty, flavorful meals throughout the day.

Pamper your pooch with the best at the affordable prices you love. Fill your best pal’s bowl with a variety of flavors from salmon to bacon to beef, and much more. Pick up your choice of dog food for their every day meals, dental sticks to keep your dog’s breath fresh, and other tasty treats as a reward.

Heart to Tail Dog Treats & Food

Discover our Heart to Tail brand that has a variety of yummy treats and dry food for your dog, whether it’s to keep an eye on their dental health or reward them for good behavior.

Pure Being Dog Treats & Food

Bring premium to your pup with Pure Being. From grain free beef and cheddar treats to premium salmon and potato flavored food, your dog is bound to become a fan of this brand.