Pueblo Lindo

Pueblo Lindo

Pueblo Lindo makes authentic Hispanic food that your family will love. Find, beans, tortillas, cheeses, chorizo and more – all for a great price. Combine with ALDI’s wide selection of fresh produce and you’ll have a flavorful Hispanic meal in no time!

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At ALDI, we believe authentic ingredients make amazing meals. So, if you love authentic Hispanic food then you’ll love Pueblo Lindo. We have everything you need for a top-notch Taco Tuesday, a tasty Tamale Thursday or a fabulous Frijoles Friday. And let’s face it, Taquitos are a great snack any day of the week. Whether you’re assembling spicy enchiladas or slow cooking savory black beans, stop by your local ALDI for Hispanic groceries! ¡Buen provecho!