Depending on how it’s prepared, popcorn can be considered a healthy snack. Look for popcorn that is air-popped and lightly seasoned for a healthier option or enjoy in moderation.

Although fruit is in the name, it doesn’t automatically guarantee that the fruit snacks you’re eating are healthy. Some fruit snacks contain high amounts of sugar, but organic options are available, and many brands contain real fruit juice. Enjoyed in moderation fruit snacks are a sweet and chewy treat.

Pretzels are a good source of carbs and are a convenient snack to grab on-the-go. They’re also easy to pair with healthy fats and protein like hummus and peanut butter. Pretzels can be high in sodium or added sugar, but enjoyed in moderation can be a quick and healthy snack.

Peanuts are rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats. They are a convenient nutrient-rich snack to eat on-the-go and help fuel your day.

Many brands of fruit snacks are gluten free. Always be sure to check the packaging for the gluten-free label. Shop a selection of gluten-free fruit snacks at your local ALDI.