Whether you’re planning a traditional Thanksgiving feast with classics like turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing and mashed potatoes or getting creative with new takes on family recipes, we’ve got everything you need to host a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. With prices this good, you’ll be sure to make shopping at ALDI a Thanksgiving tradition.


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If you enjoy cooking, we have amazing Thanksgiving recipes for you to try out. Explore a variety of Thanksgiving main courses, from delicious meats to side dishes. The festivities don’t have to end after dinner, make room for tasty and sweet dessert. We’ve got classic pumpkin pie, cookies and other baked desserts. Of course, you’ll want to buy a little more than you need – nothing beats Thanksgiving leftovers when the food and deals are this tasty!


Thanksgiving FAQs

Popular side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner include mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, rolls, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing and roasted vegetables.  

Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating delicious food, it’s about spending time with loved ones. Some popular Thanksgiving family activities are watching football, playing board games, putting together a puzzle, watching home videos, going for a walk or even gathering the family for a friendly game of flag football.  

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of many. Many people like to decorate the Thanksgiving table with centerpieces of pumpkins, leaves and candles for ambiance. To add a personalized touch, some may even add names to place settings.  

There are many ways to show that you’re grateful around the Thanksgiving dinner table. You may go around the table and give each person a chance to say what they are thankful for or even make a toast.  

Brining a turkey refers to adding salt to an uncooked turkey, either by sprinkling salt directly onto the turkey (dry brine) or by soaking the turkey in a solution of water and salt (wet brine). Brining a turkey helps to tenderize the meat, absorb flavors and retain moisture.  

You can still achieve juicy meat and crispy skin without basting your turkey. Repeatedly opening the oven door may make your turkey take longer to cook.  

How long you’ll cook your turkey will depend on the size of the turkey and if it is stuffed or unstuffed. The best way to know when your turkey is done cooking is by using a meat thermometer. If the temperature of the thigh is 180°F, it is a good indicator that your turkey is fully cooked.  

If your turkey burns, you’ll want to carve it and remove any burnt skin or dry meat. Chances are towards the center of the turkey the meat has still retained its moisture. For any dry pieces, you can pour on some extra gravy.  

Depending on your preference, you may leave the skin on your potatoes or peel them. If you’re using smaller potatoes, you’ll want to boil them for about 15-20 minutes. Larger potatoes will take about 20-30 minutes. If you’re unsure if your potatoes are fully cooked, you can take a fork and pierce the potato to see if it easy slides through. Once the potatoes are fully cooked, drain the water out of the pot. Mash the potatoes with a potato masher until no lumps remain. Add in salt, pepper and milk for creaminess.  

To make gravy, you’ll need pan drippings or butter, flour, stock or broth and your favorite seasonings. First, pour the pan drippings into a measuring cup and skim and reserve the fat. If you don’t have pan drippings, you can use butter instead. Next, pour ¼ cup of the fat into a pan, and whisk in flour. Add stock and the rest of the drippings in a measuring cup. You’ll want about 2 cups. Whisk the stock until it’s fully incorporated. Cook until it reaches your desired thickness and add in your desired seasonings.  

You’ll need considerable time to thaw out your frozen turkey. How long you’ll need to thaw the turkey will depend on the size of the bird. You can thaw your turkey in the refrigerator by leaving it in its original packaging. In a refrigerator that is set to 40°F or lower, it typically takes one day for every 4 pounds to thaw a frozen turkey.  

Our Specially Selected Cabernet Sauvignon pairs nicely with poultry. Shop our affordable selection of wines to find the perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving table. 

It’s possible to cook multiple dishes in the oven at the same time, but it can be tricky. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your dishes and make adjustments to the oven temperature and cooking time. Keep in mind that the more dishes you add to the oven, the longer the cook time will be because having several pans in the oven will block the air circulation. However, if cooking multiple dishes seems too stressful, you can always shop our prepared sides for delicious and convenient options.