Gameday Sliders

Prep Time:
5 minutes 

Cook Time:
9 minutes

Total Time:
14 minutes


Gameday Sliders

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You’re ready to have the gameday crew over to watch the big game, but you don’t have a ton of time to prep a gameday feast. No worries! The ALDI Test Kitchen has a Gameday Sliders recipe that takes just 15 minutes and will feed even the hungriest of sports fans.

Start by gathering everything you’ll need to throw these mini burgers together. The centerpiece is the two pounds of fresh, 73% ground beef. Why do 73% lean? The higher the fat content, the easier it will be to keep the patties from drying out or becoming too dense. You’ll also want to grab four tablespoons of unsalted butter, one yellow onion worth of julienned onion, four ounces of cheddar jack cheese, 12 brioche rolls and the condiments of your choice. If it’s us picking, we’re going with ketchup and maybe some mustard, but feel free to go with your favorite topping!

Now that everything is in place, heat a sauté pan over medium heat and get the onions nice and soft. You’ll also want to get a separate skillet nice and hot in preparation for your sliders. Add half of your butter to the sauté pan and then the onions, making sure every slice is covered and has a chance to start sweating.

As the onions caramelize, divide the ground beef into 12 balls and press into patties roughly the width of your brioche rolls. Season both sides with salt and pepper before cooking. Place the remaining butter in the skillet and quickly press the patties down to develop a crust. You should be hearing all that fat render out and crackle in the pan. Cook for four minutes before flipping. Once flipped, spoon some of your caramelized onions on top, cover with a pinch of cheese and then add a splash of water to the pan. As soon as steam starts to form, cover the skillet to allow the cheese to melt into an ooey, gooey mess.

Transfer your beefy, cheesy concoction to the bottom bun and top with your condiments of choice to finish off your gameday sliders! For an added texture upgrade, toast your brioche roll. And there you have it—the 15-minute Gameday Sliders recipe—ready to show off to your tailgate crew at the next game!



  1. In a medium sauté pan over medium heat, sauté 2 tablespoons of butter and onion until soft and translucent, reserve. 
  2. Evenly divide ground beef into 12 balls, press into patties slightly larger than the brioche rolls. Generously season both sides with salt and pepper.
  3. Melt remaining 2 tablespoons butter in a skillet, press patties into pan to develop crust on first side. Cook for 4 minutes, and turn.
  4. Place a spoonful of onions over the patty and a pinch of cheese over each. Add a splash of water and cover for 1 minute.
  5. Transfer to bottom bun, and top with hamburger pickle chips, ketchup and top bun.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Trevor, ALDI Test Kitchen