Prep Time:
10 minutes  


Cook Time:
10 minutes

Total Time:
20 minutes (plus 1 hour to chill)


Pumpkin Pie Dip with Cinnamon Sugar Pie Crust Chips

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Thoroughly enjoy the fall season with this pumpkin pie dip with cinnamon sugar pie crust chips. This delicious recipe is an excellent choice for dessert, a snack or even a party platter. The dip is creamy and decadent with a delightful pumpkin flavor and a hint of cinnamon. The pie crust chips are sweet and buttery with a crispy texture that perfectly complements the dip (and lets you eat as much of it as you’d like!).

The pumpkin pie dip is made with a combination of heavy whipping cream, instant vanilla pudding, powdered sugar and pumpkin pie mix. The mixture is whipped together until it reaches stiff peaks, creating a light and fluffy texture. The addition of cinnamon brings a warm and spicy note to the dip.

The pie crust chips are simple to make and add a delightful crunch. The pie crust is rolled out onto parchment paper and cut using a shot glass or cookie cutter, forming whatever shaped you would like. The dough pieces are then brushed with a mixture of melted butter, sugar and cinnamon before baking in the oven until slightly browned. The result is a crispy and sweet chip.

To assemble, pour the pumpkin pie dip into a serving dish of your choice and sprinkle with a generous amount of cinnamon. Arrange the cooled pie crust chips around the dip, and you have a beautiful and delicious fall treat that is sure to impress your guests.

This recipe is perfect for any occasion, whether you're hosting a party, attending a potluck or just enjoying a cozy night in. It's easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time, making it a stress-free option. The creamy pumpkin dip and sweet pie crust chips will leave your taste buds satisfied and craving more.



  1.  For the pumpkin pie dip:  With a mixer, beat heavy cream and pudding, add sugar then mix until stiff peaks form, 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Add pumpkin pie mix, stir to combine. Pour into serving dish of your choice and chill for up to an hour.
  3. When ready to serve, sprinkle desired amount of cinnamon to garnish.
  4.  For the chips: preheat oven to 450°. Roll out pie crust onto parchment paper. Using a shot glass or medium sized round cookie cutter, cut out as many shapes as you can.
  5. If desired, to create an oval or leaf shape, use the shot glass or cookie cutter to remove a sliver of the circle.
  6.  Pinch the tail end of the dough to give it a "stem".  Using a paring knife, gently score the dough piece to create leaf texture details.
  7. Mix the melted butter, sugar and cinnamon until well combined and brush mixture generously over chips.
  8. Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes or until slightly browned. Allow to cool before serving with the pumpkin pie dip.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Jose,
ALDI Test Kitchen