Prep Time:
4 minutes 

Cook Time:
1 minute

Total Time:
5 minutes 


S’mores Cup

A perfect indoor S’more for parties, sleepovers, or cozy nights in!


1. Evenly distribute crushed graham cracker in the bottom of four small glass tumblers or jars.

2. Top evenly with hazelnut spread.                                                                                                     

3. In a microwave safe bowl, melt marshmallows, stir in 15 second increments until smooth. Evenly scoop into cups.                                                                                                    

4. Using a brulee torch, toast the top of the marshmallow of each s'mores cup. Garnish with chocolate and graham crackers, serve warm.                                                                                                                                  

Tip: To substitute a brulee torch, toast the top of the marshmallows in the oven for a few seconds on broil. Ensure you are using oven safe bowls or ramekins and place them all on a cookie sheet for easy removal.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Jose, ALDI Test Kitchen