Prep Time:
5 minutes 

Cook Time:
5 minutes

Total Time:
10 minutes 


Autumn Sunset Cocktail

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Looking for a delicious fall drink to make for special occasions and get-togethers? Try this Autumn Sunset Cocktail recipe and be completely amazed. It has a sweet, Fall-esque flavor profile that will instantly remind you what time of year you’re in!

To make this delightful refreshment, you’ll need some unique ingredients. Make sure to visit your local ALDI and round up Berryhill Creamy Caramel Dip and some Clancy’s Cinnamon Apple Chips. You’ll also need Wicked Grove Hard Cider and some State of Brewing Pumpkin Pie Hard Cider. And don’t forget to grab Belliti Sparkling Moscato while you’re there!

Start by rimming your glass with caramel and crushed cinnamon apple chips on a plate for presentation. Next, prepare the oranges by peeling the orange peel into strips and juicing. Set the peels and the juice aside for later.

In a saucepan, add water, sugar, orange, juice, orange and the spices to make a syrup. Simmer until all the sugar is dissolved, turn of the heat and allow everything to cool. This simple syrup adds a nice touch of sweetness and zest to the drink.

To finish, add 3 tablespoons of simple syrup to the glass of hard cider and pumpkin cider. Add Moscato and stir. Don’t forget to garnish the drink with an orange peel and a cinnamon stick.

This Autumn Sunset Cocktail is great for enjoying with friends and family, or for personal enjoyment. This drink is perfect for those who love Fall and enjoy autumn flavors of pumpkin, spice and apple cider.



1. Pour caramel onto a medium-sized plate. Pour crushed chips onto a medium-sized plate. Using four glasses, dip the rim of each glass into caramel then into chips. Refrigerate.

2. Peel orange peel into strips. Lay strips on cutting board, pith-side facing up. Using a sharp paring knife, remove the pith by running the paring between the peel and pith or scrape the peel to remove pith. Juice orange and reserve.

3.Over medium-high heat, in a small saucepan, combine water, sugar, orange juice, a piece of the orange peel and spice to make a simple syrup. Simmer until sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool.           

4. Add 3 tablespoons of simple syrup to each glass followed by 3 ounces of hard cider and 3 ounces of pumpkin cider. Stir gently. Add a desired amount of ice cubes and top with Moscato. Garnish with orange peel and a cinnamon stick.              

Tip: The simple syrup can be made ahead of time and using this 2:1 sugar to water ratio, can last for months.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Tricia, ALDI Test Kitchen