Prep Time:
15 minutes (plus 2 hours to freeze)

Cook Time:

Total Time:
15 minutes (plus 2 hours to freeze)


Fruit-Flavored Iced Green Tea

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Quench your thirst and stay cool with our refreshing Fruit-Flavored Iced Green Tea, a delightful beverage perfect for picnics, barbecues or any outdoor gathering. This refreshing drink combines the crispness of green tea with the sweetness of strawberries, the tanginess of orange juice and the zesty kick of lime, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Start with the green tea bags, which will provide a refreshing and antioxidant-rich base for the drink. Green tea has numerous health benefits, including boosting metabolism and promoting heart health. It also adds a subtle earthy flavor that pairs beautifully with the fruity elements of the drink.

The fresh strawberries are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Their natural sweetness adds flavor and color to the drink, while their juicy texture complements the crispness of the green tea.

The orange juice is made from freshly squeezed oranges, which lend a bright and tangy flavor to the drink, balancing out the sweetness of the strawberries and adding a refreshing citrusy twist.

Incorporate lime zest and thinly sliced lime to enhance the citrus flavor further. The zest adds a burst of aromatic lime essence, while the slices provide a visually appealing garnish and an extra pop of tartness.

These ingredients create a refreshing and flavorful beverage perfect for hot summer days. Whether you're enjoying a picnic in the park, hosting a backyard barbecue or simply lounging by the pool, this Fruit-Flavored Iced Green Tea is the perfect beverage for staying hydrated and cool.


  1. Boil 8 cups water. Pour into a clear pitcher. Add 6-8 green tea bags and steep for 3-5 minutes or to desired strength. Remove tea bags and refrigerate.
  2. Place strawberries in a food processor and pulse gently until roughly chopped. In a pourable container, combine strawberries, orange juice and lime zest. Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze for 2 hours or until set.
  3. To serve, fill glasses with ice cubes and top with chilled green tea. Garnish with lime slices.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Kates,
ALDI Test Kitchen


Calories 50 Total Fat 0g Sodium  0mg Total Carbohydrate 13g Fiber 1g Sugars 9g Protein 1g

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