Whole Dutch Oven Chicken

Prep Time:
10 minutes

Cook Time:
1 hour, 10 minutes

Total Time:
1 hour, 20 minutes


Whole Dutch Oven Chicken

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Try our Whole Dutch Oven Chicken recipe! The carefully chosen ingredients are important for enhancing the dish's overall depth, flavor and aromatic richness. A blend of herbs like thyme, rosemary and parsley creates a flavorful and seasoned dish, infusing the chicken with earthy and aromatic notes to elevate the dish’s flavor.

Adding citrus zest from oranges and lemons introduces a refreshing and vibrant dimension to the dish. The natural oils in the zest bring a citrusy brightness, cutting through the richness of the chicken and contributing a layer of complexity to the overall flavor profile.

Use organic coconut for searing the chicken to golden perfection and imparting a subtle coconut essence.

The medley of chopped vegetables—yellow onions, carrots, celery and garlic—creates a flavorful bed for the chicken. As the chicken roasts, these vegetables release their natural juices, forming a delicious base that complements the bird with a savory and aromatic foundation.

Finally, adding white wine introduces a layer of sophistication to the dish. The wine infuses the chicken with subtle fruity undertones while serving as a cooking liquid, creating a moist and flavorful environment for the chicken to roast in the Dutch oven.

Whole Dutch Oven Chicken is a celebration of thoughtful ingredient selection, where each component contributes to the dish's overall appeal. From the aromatic herbs and citrusy zests to the quality of responsibly sourced chicken creates a comforting and flavorful culinary experience. This recipe transforms a simple dish into a memorable and satisfying dining event.



  1. Preheat oven to 375°.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine thyme, rosemary, parsley, salt, pepper, orange zest and lemon zest. Reserve.
  3. Pat chicken dry and rub with 1 tablespoon coconut oil, season inside and out with roughly ¾ of the seasoning mixture. Heat remaining 2 tablespoons coconut oil in a Dutch oven over medium heat and sear chicken on all sides. Remove from heat, place orange and lemon quarters inside chicken cavity, reserve.    
  4. Add onion, carrot, celery, garlic and remaining ¼ of the seasoning mixture to Dutch oven. Sauté for 5 minutes. Deglaze pan with chardonnay. Cook for 1 minute and place chicken on top, breast side up. Cover with lid and bake for 45 minutes.     
  5. Remove lid and baste with liquid. Continue cooking without the lid for 15 minutes or until skin is crispy and chicken registers 165°.

TIP: For a crispier skin, increase heat to 400°.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Alyssa, ALDI Test Kitchen