White Chicken Chili

Prep Time:
15 minutes 

Cook Time:
1 hour

Total Time:
1 hour, 15 minutes


White Chicken Chili

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Dive into the rich flavors of White Chicken Chili, a heartwarming dish tailored for those with a penchant for spice. This comforting blend marries tender chicken, bold spices and creamy beans, making it the go-to for those seeking warmth on a brisk winter day.

Begin by simmering chicken in a blend of broth and wine, seasoned just right. Once the chicken is tender and infused with flavor, set it aside to cool, but keep that aromatic broth. When the chicken has cooled enough to handle, shred it, setting the stage for its re-entry later.

In a separate pot, melt butter and let it dance with minced garlic, chopped onions, jalapeños and a whisper of rosemary. As these ingredients sauté, their combined aroma promises a meal to remember. Introduce a sprinkle of flour, stirring it in until it seamlessly blends with the sautéed mix.

Now, pour in the reserved broth and wine mixture, turning the heat up a notch. As it comes to a gentle boil, introduce the cannellini and great northern beans, adding a creamy depth to the chili. Allow this mix to simmer, letting each ingredient share its essence with the others.

The shredded chicken makes its comeback now, merging with the simmering pot. As it cooks, the chili thickens, becoming a rich, hearty meal.

To finish, serve with a dollop of cool sour cream and a scattering of sliced jalapeños on top. Each bite of this chili is like a warm embrace, perfect for those cold evenings.



  1. In a medium saucepan, bring chicken, broth, 1 cup wine, ¼ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer for 25 minutes until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°. Remove the chicken, reserve the broth. Allow the chicken to cool. Shred the chicken. Reserve.
  2. In a large saucepan, heat the butter over medium-high heat. Sauté the garlic, onions, jalapeños and rosemary until tender. Add the flour, stir constantly for 2 minutes.
  3. Slowly stir in the reserved broth and remaining wine. Add the beans, bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. Add the chicken and cook for 10 minutes until the broth thickens. Season with the remaining salt and pepper.
  5. Garnish with a dollop of sour cream and sliced jalapeños.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Michelle, ALDI Test Kitchen