Prep Time:
5 minutes


Cook Time:
17 minutes

Total Time:
22 minutes


Honey Mustard Salmon With Roasted Vegetables

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Give your weekly salmon dinner a fun and flavorful twist with this Honey Mustard Salmon with Roasted Vegetables recipe.

Start by preheating the oven to 400 °F. While the oven heats up, grab your favorite small mixing bowl and begin to prepare the key ingredient in this recipe: the honey mustard sauce.

Elevate the standard honey mustard sauce you’re probably used to by adding the creaminess of mayonnaise and the subtle sweetness and fresh green flavor of dill, along with spicy brown mustard, honey and salt. Feel free to substitute fresh dill with dried if necessary.

Once the sauce is well combined, you can set it aside and begin to heat your frying pan with olive oil. Then, begin seasoning the fresh Atlantic salmon filets with salt and pepper to your liking. Place the salmon skin down and fry for three minutes before flipping and cooking for another three minutes.

Once all the salmon filets are cooked on both sides, remove them from heat and cover to set aside.

Next, it’s time to dial up the flavor of your vegetables with the creamy flavor of Irish butter. Melt butter in pan and add in sliced squash, frozen peas, yellow pepper and trimmed asparagus spears. Season them to your liking with salt and pepper for approximately one minute.

Now you can begin to dial up the flavors of this dish! Place the salmon filet on top of the butter and vegetables. This will allow the salmon and vegetable flavors to blend for a richer flavor profile. Bring out the buttery, slightly sweet notes of pan-fried salmon by brushing half of the honey-mushroom mixture on top.

Place both veggie and salmon layers in the oven and cook for 5 minutes. Brush with the remaining honey mustard. Cook for an additional 5 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 145 °F.

This rich and flavorful dish is the perfect weeknight or weekend dinner. Pair it with roasted potatoes or rice for a filling, satisfying meal any day of the week.



  1. Preheat oven to 400°.
  2. In a small bowl combine mustard, honey, mayonnaise, dill and ¼ teaspoon salt. Set aside.
  3. Meanwhile, heat oven safe fry pan and oil over medium-high heat.
  4. Season salmon with salt and pepper to taste. Place salmon skin side down in fry pan. Cook for 3 minutes. Flip and cook for an additional 3 minutes. Remove from pan and set aside.
  5. Melt butter in pan and add vegetables. Season to taste with salt and pepper and saute for 1 minute. Place salmon on top and brush with half of the honey mustard mixture.
  6. Place in oven and cook for 5 minutes. Brush with remaining honey mustard. Cook for an additional 5 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 145°.

Tip: Dry dill can be can be substituted for fresh, reduce quantity to 1 teaspoon. Sprinkle directly on salmon before searing instead of adding to honey mustard mixture.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Linsey, ALDI Test Kitchen