Sage Pesto Pasta with Sweet Potatoes and Parmesan

Prep Time:
15 minutes (plus 30 minutes to chill)

Cook Time:
20 minutes

Total Time:
35 minutes (plus 30 minutes to chill)


Sage Pesto Pasta with Sweet Potatoes and Parmesan

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Introducing a delightful culinary creation: Sage Pesto Pasta with Sweet Potatoes and Parmesan. This recipe brings together the earthy flavors of sage, the vibrant freshness of parsley, the satisfying crunch of walnuts and the rich tang of Parmesan cheese. Combined with perfectly cooked sweet potatoes and al dente rigatoni pasta, this dish is a symphony of tastes and textures that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Start by crafting the heart and soul of this recipe—the homemade pesto. In a blender, combine fresh sage, parsley, shelled walnuts, garlic and a touch of shredded Parmesan cheese. As you pulse the ingredients together, the fragrant aroma of herbs will fill the air, creating anticipation for the burst of flavors to come. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil while the blender continues to work its magic. The result is a velvety, herbaceous pesto that's bursting with freshness and aroma. Set this vibrant green sauce aside for now, as it will soon coat our pasta and elevate every bite.

Meanwhile, prepare the other star of the show—the sweet potatoes. Peel and dice the sweet potatoes before cooking them in a medium pot of boiling water. As they simmer away, their natural sweetness intensifies, and they become fork-tender. Once cooked, drain the sweet potatoes and let them cool to room temperature. This step ensures that they retain their texture and don't become mushy when incorporated into the pasta.

Now, it's time to cook the rigatoni pasta. Follow the instructions on the package for perfect results. Once the pasta is al dente, drain it, and then toss it with the reserved pesto. The vibrant green sauce will cling to the ridges of the rigatoni. Allow the pasta to cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld together and the dish to reach its optimal temperature.

To complete your sage pesto pasta with sweet potatoes and Parmesan, combine the cooled pasta with the sweet potatoes. Gently fold them together, ensuring that each ingredient is evenly distributed. The sweet potatoes add a delightful sweetness that perfectly complements the pesto and the satisfying chew of the rigatoni.

For the finishing touch, sprinkle the remaining Parmesan cheese over the pasta and sweet potato mixture. Serve this culinary masterpiece chilled or at room temperature, allowing the flavors to shine through. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing lunch, a light dinner or a delightful side dish, it will captivate your taste buds with its balance of flavors and enticing textures.


  1. For the pesto: In a blender, combine the sage, parsley, walnuts, garlic and 1 tablespoon parmesan cheese. Pulse a few times. With the blade spinning, drizzle the olive oil into the blender. Continue to blend until thoroughly combined. Reserve.
  2. In a medium pot, cover the sweet potatoes with water; bring to a boil. Cook for 10 minutes or until fork tender. Drain immediately and allow to cool to room temperature.
  3. Cook pasta according to package instructions. After draining, coat pasta with reserved pesto. Cool for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Once cooled, toss with remaining parmesan and sweet potato. Garnish with additional walnuts if desired. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Stacey, ALDI Test Kitchen    

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