Hard Apple Brats

Prep Time:
5 minutes (plus overnight to marinate)

Cook Time:
40 minutes

Total Time:
45 minutes (plus overnight to marinate)


Hard Apple Brats

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Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our hard apple brats recipe, a delightful combination of juicy bratwursts infused with the sweet and tangy flavors of hard apple cider. This mouthwatering dish is perfect for those laid-back outdoor gatherings and will surely impress your family and friends.

To begin, place the bratwursts and sliced onions in a large bowl. Pour the hard cider over the top, ensuring that every brat is generously bathed. Cover the bowl and let it chill in the refrigerator overnight, allowing the flavors to meld together and infuse the brats with the cider.

Time to fire up the grill! Preheat it to medium-high heat, creating the ideal cooking environment for these succulent brats. Remove the brats from the marinade, setting aside the onions for later use. Place the brats in an aluminum foil boat, which will help to capture the delicious juices and transfer the boat to the grill.

But wait, don't let that cider go to waste! Drain the marinade, reserving 1 cup for basting the brats during the cooking process. Set the onions aside, as they will make a flavorful addition to the final dish. Now, let the grilling magic begin. Cook the brats for 20-30 minutes, taking care to frequently baste them with the reserved cider. This will not only enhance the taste but also help to keep them moist and juicy. Keep a close eye on the internal temperature, ensuring that it reaches a safe 160° for a perfectly cooked bratwurst.

While the brats sizzle away, take the sliced green and red bell peppers and place them on a sheet of aluminum foil. Season them to taste with the classic combination of salt and ground black pepper. Carefully place the foil packet on the grill, allowing the peppers to cook until they reach a tender perfection. Remember to flip them occasionally to ensure even cooking and to release their natural flavors.

Now, add a touch of indulgence to the deli rolls. Lightly butter the insides of the rolls, and for that extra burst of flavor, sprinkle them with a dash of garlic powder. Place the rolls on the grill, slit side down, allowing them to toast and develop a delightful crunch.

Once the rolls are toasted, it's time to assemble the masterpiece. Drizzle a generous amount of spicy mustard across the inside of the toasted rolls. Now, place the brats inside and top them with the reserved onions and the flavorful bell pepper mixture.

With every bite, you'll savor the delightful combination of juicy bratwursts, the subtle sweetness of the hard cider and the zesty kick of the spicy deli mustard. The tender grilled bell peppers and the caramelized onions will add a burst of flavor, elevating this dish to a new level of excellence.


  1. Place brats and onions in a large bowl, pour cider over top. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  2. Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Remove brats from marinade and place in an aluminum foil boat, transfer to grill. Drain cider, reserving 1 cup, set onions aside. Cook for 20-30 minutes frequently basting brats with reserved cider until internal temperature reaches 160°.
  3. Place onions and bell peppers on a sheet of aluminum foil and season to taste with salt and pepper. Place on grill and cook until tender, flipping occasionally. Lightly butter the inside of the deli rolls and sprinkle with garlic powder. Place slit side down on grill, leaving them slightly open, until toasted.
  4. Drizzle mustard across inside of toasted deli rolls. Place brats inside and top with onion and bell pepper mixture.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Megan, ALDI Test Kitchen